Competitive Cheerleading

Cheerleading is a team-based sport that involves stunting, pyramids, baskets, tumbling, jumps and dance. It was initially started in the USA, and now its the fastest growing sport in the UK. Why? Because it is SO much fun!

Competitive Cheerleading is a very athletic sport, that does not involve pom-poms! It involves competing a high-energy, two and a half minute routine in which you need to be able to throw someone in the air, catch them and immediately do your tumble pass going straight into your jump sequence!

You need to have an array of skills to compete a routine and there can be up to 35 members on a team! This variety means the sport is always exciting to take part in and watch!

We have a number of teams at the moment in all age groups so if you are interested in Cheerleading, we will have a team for you!

How to get involved
Entry to our Competitive Cheer Squad is by Trial only. We hold open trials once a year but if you cannot make the trial date we are able to arrange a private trials on an ad-hoc basis dependant on the time of year.

Please note that due to the nature of the sport and the team aspect, in takes will be closed off as soon as the competitive season starts.

If you would like further information, please get in touch with the Head of the Cheerleading Programme. Click here for ourĀ Contacts Page.