Loule Cup 12/10/23-14/10/23

Dylan, Kelsey and Lois are back from a successful trip to Portugal where they represented Wales in the Loule Cup.

The girls performed really well in huge categories with Kelsey finish in 13th place and Lois finishing in 10th place.

Dylan qualified for finals and finished the event in 3rd place bringing home a bronze medal.

He also led the Men’s Team to a historic Team Bronze too!

Congratulations to all three of these amazing gymnasts for going out and representing your country again in such a fantastic way ????????????????????????????

Street Games Awards 17/10/23

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve been awarded not one, but TWO awards from Street Games!

South Wales Holiday Activities Project of The Year, to recognise our efforts in our Fit & Fed programme.

South Wales Engaging Women & Girls Award for our impactful work in our Cardiff facility!

A huge thanks to StreetGames who have been super supportive with these programmes!

Welsh Charity Awards 11/10/23

We are incredibly proud to announce that we are the 2023 Welsh Charity Award Winner of the Health & Well-being Category!!! 

We were incredibly honoured just to be shortlisted for an award and attended the event with some amazing charities who all do phenomenal work throughout Wales. 

For us to win is an unbelievable testament to the amazing work that the team do in order to support well-being throughout our community via our passion for gymnastics and cheerleading. 
We are very lucky to have such an amazing group of people who all work so hard delivering our programmes to a diverse range of participants. 

We are excited to see our build on this access and see our upcoming projects come to life where we can really continue to use sport as a vehicle for social change. 

Diverse Cymru Cultural Competency Awards 02/10/23

On Monday the 2nd of October, CEO Carly Hawke and Board member Victoria Jones, attended City Hall in Cardiff for the Diverse Cymru Cultural Competency Awards. 

We are so incredibly proud to announce that we were accredited with the Silver Award for our progress so far! 
WGGC are the first sports clubs in Wales to take part in the cultural competency scheme.

By actively engaging with this scheme, we are acknowledging the importance of understanding and respecting different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives within our club and beyond. We want to set an example for others to follow, demonstrating that sports can be a powerful platform for social change.

By embracing cultural competency, we are creating an environment where athletes and members from all walks of life can thrive, where talent knows no boundaries, and where unity prevails. We are building bridges between communities, breaking down barriers, and opening doors to new opportunities.

This journey will not be without challenge, but, with the help and support of Diverse Cymru, we will continue to learn, grow, and ultimately, come together as a stronger, more inclusive organisation.